Wednesday, April 21, 2010

30 Days Til 30 Birthday Gift Ideas

Thirty is a major milestone is a person’s life! I thought what better way to celebrate the next chapter for two of my friends then to give a gift each day with a fun saying or meaning leading up the big birthday! Below is a list of the presents for each day. The final day I made a wine label with “30” in a high heel from a birthday card I found. We are hosting a birthday dinner so everyone will sign the bottle so she can remember her fabulous 30th birthday dinner. More pics to come from her Julie & Julia inspired 30th birthday dinner.

1) Wine
2) Candle
3) Manicure gift certificate
4) Nail polish
5) Cupcake
6) Mug
7) Flowers
8) Bath fizz
9) Pedicure gift certificate
10) Mini Perfume
11) Personal Training Session
12) Magazine
13) Shampoo
14) Conditioner
15) Tissues
16) Starbucks gift card
17) Face moisturizer
18) Hand and nail lotion
19) Mascara
20) Panties
21) Stationery
22) Notepad
23) Lip Gloss
24) Balloons
25) Specialty Soap
26) Frame
27) Keychain
28) Fun Napkins
29) “30” Wine Glass
30) Travel Bag

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