Thursday, October 20, 2011

Great Branding articles from Sabrina Vavra

My sister shared a recent post from guest blogger Sabrina Vavra on Modern Chic Home’s blog Belle Maison. It was such a great article on Branding I had to share. “The Power of Consistency In Your Brand” which she followed up with “11 Immediate Ways To Promote Consistency In All You Do” are must reads no matter what business you are in. Her best example – Anthropologie - From Anthropologie’s store front and catalogs to the clothing and home accessories they carry, their brand and image are recognizable in seconds. In the world of events it has even become a word to describe a décor style. Vavra says, “Think multi-dimensional with regards to everything from your logo, choice of colors, and layout. Your message should align with your overall vision. “Tibetan calligraphy artist for tattoo designs Tashi Mannox and urban retailer Anthropologie are perfect examples of this message. Look at their choice of verbiage, models, lighting, and layout. The whole shebang screams their vision. You know in a millisecond that one is an organic spin on the well-traveled, inspired, mid 30’s woman interested in fashion. The other immediately lets you know that this is not just your run of the mill tattoo artist. This is a hybrid blend of Tibetan script and tattoos with a spiritual twist to it. They both set the stage for their message. They invite you in and show you their vision so you know what to expect. They promote an idea and follow that idea up with consistency throughout their brand and website.”


  1. Great read. It's so true re: Anthropologie. Thanks, Beth.

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