Monday, July 2, 2012

Pioneer Linens: The Well-Oiled Family Machine by Guest Blogger Ariel Bachman

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Today we have Guest blogger, Ariel Bachman, the new Social Media Manager over here at B. Social (you'll be hearing more from her and about B. Social's Services very soon) but we wanted to share her behind-the-scenes take on the well-oiled family machine, Pioneer Linens

As Beth and I were leaving Pioneer Linens after a business meeting last week, I was overcome with a sense of inner peace. The kind of feeling you get after sharing a few belly laughs with good girl-friends over dinner. Or the feeling you get staring out the window on the way home from a family vacation. And even the feeling you get after pushing through an intense yet invigorating workout.

I thought to myself, "Where is this feeling coming from and why now?" As Beth and I walked past the rows of fine bedding- neatly pressed, pined and tucked at every corner, I knew "this feeling" had nothing to do with the thought of slipping into bed for a mid-afternoon siesta (which I ended up doing a few hours later) and everything to do with the dynamic of the store. You see, Pioneer Linens was built and is run by a family! It was started in 1912 by the father of George Greenberg a.k.a. The Mayor of Clematis, Beth and I had a meeting with the current owner, Penny Murphy (George's daughter), and her sweet daughter, Camille. Their back-and-forth banter is a comfort level you cannot replicate, even with the finest employees. There's just something about a mother-daughter duo that tugs at my heart and makes me envious of my many friends who are fortunate to work side-by-side with their moms, dads, sisters and brothers.

So, as you ponder the key to success, keep in mind, it just might be rooted in the 100-years of family history.

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Sincerely yours,

Ariel Bachman

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