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Traveler, Treasure Hunter and Jewelry Designer Jessica Ricci Announces the Launch of Redesigned Website


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Providence, R.I., February 15, 2010 – Traveler, Treasure Hunter and Jewelry Designer Jessica Ricci announces the launch of her redesigned website, The new website features her Deities, Lace, Raw, Spiritus Graffiti and Wanderlust Collections with interactive videos of her “Raw Finds” concept and travel to Nepal and Tibet.

Deities Collection
Ricci’s travels to India inspired jewelry that aims to reflect the spiritual nature of the country from Mumbai to Udaipur, Jaipur and Delhi. Ricci made a series of pendants that resulted from a day in Mumbai when a vendor showed her pieces that were worthless to most people, but treasures to her. The Buddha sits patiently as only the Buddha can, Shiva is active - ready to destroy and rebuild, and as Ganesha inspires good fortune.

Lace Collection
Antique lace from flea markets around the world, frozen in time, and translated into pendants, bracelets and rings. The derivative jewelry is meant to be as delicate as the linens she uncovered while retaining their sense of culture and history.

Raw Collection
Marrying her affinity for things mystical with her love of beautiful baubles, Ricci designed pared-down yet elegant rings, necklaces and earrings that put the gemstones front-and-center. Each piece shimmers with its own distinctive character and power, reflecting the myths, magic, and mysteries attributed to healing stones throughout the ages.

Spiritus Graffiti Collection
Antique versions of modern-day graffiti collected throughout Rome and placed outside of a local church inspired the Spiritus Graffiti line. The line includes hand-hammered nameplates, classic Latin phrases, and a few actual recreations of the graffiti found in Rome.

Wanderlust Collection
For this collection, Ricci reworks the “treasures” she finds on her travels into unique and wearable pieces. The Henna art form has been practiced for centuries in India, Africa and the Middle East to decorate the body with sacred symbols of culture and mysticism. Ricci has taken Henna tattoo stamps she found in India and used their images to create necklaces. She also found a Tibetan key in the Lhasa market and knew immediately it would be a pendant with its intricate and Eastern feel. She has inlaid rubies to give it a more regal and antique feel like the preserved parts of the city itself.

About Jessica Ricci

Jessica Ricci finds objects with past lives and translates them into jewelry. She draws upon her own experiences as a journalist, English teacher, world traveler and jewelry designer to create hand-crafted designs that are anchored in symbolism, history and sentimentality.

Ricci grew up in Providence, RI and studied English literature at Holy Cross College in Worcester, Massachusetts. After graduating she moved to Montana where she volunteered for an emergency services organization and learned how to bead necklaces, not knowing that the seed for jewelry design had been planted. She then moved to New York City and received her graduate degree in journalism from New York University. In 2001, Ricci decided to move to Italy and pursue her interests in writing, teaching and creating jewelry. Upon her return to the States in 2005, Ricci officially founded Jessica Ricci Jewelry. Today she creates and produces her collections from her Rhode Island studio when she is not treasure hunting.

For more information about Jessica Ricci Jewelry, please visit or call 401-215-4904.

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