Tuesday, February 2, 2010

New Trend: Baby Reveal Party!

New Trend: Baby Reveal Party

Our friends love a reason for a party, especially a theme party. What better way to celebrate the next chapter of our lives than a baby reveal party to find out the sex of our friends' babies!

As we walked up the sidewalk we were greeted by a sign "Open the Door for a Big Surprise!" As I slowly cracked open the door there was the proud momma in her blue "It's a Boy!" t-shirt and the camera rolling to capture each of our reactions.

We were welcomed with boytinis and mocktails for the preggos, of course. What we didn't know is another surprise was in store! Our other friend, who we didn't think was finding out, came around the corner with her "It's a Boy!" shirt on! Baby Barry and Baby Rendina will be buddies for sure.

We all had put in our "sex of the baby bets" prior to the big day, and what party would be complete without prizes. Appropriately-themed "boy shorts" and bottles with blue assorted candy were given out to the winning girls.

We carried on the night with our usual stories and laughter and topped off dinner with a custom-creation B-O-Y cake by co-host Veronica.

Next up co-host Baby Merrell's reveal!

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