Monday, October 25, 2010

Jessica Ricci Jewelry Featured on Apartment Therapy Blog

Jessica Ricci Jewelry's new boutique in Providence, RI featured on one of our favorite blogs,

Boutiques are always excellent sources for home inspiration — and this bright shop in Rhode Island's Hope Artiste Village is no exception. Jessica Ricci creates decorative treasures and delicate jewelry inspired by her world travels and displays them in re-purposed furniture, modernized with coats of white and silver paint.

The space is full of clever ideas from window shutters used as hanging shelving to a vintage mirror transformed into a dramatic coffee table. The sparkling jewelry — much of which is based on vintage home goods such as keys and linens — and dainty miniature spoons and forks are displayed humbly in hanging lanterns and on a bed of black beans. The mostly-windowless shop is opened up with loosely painted silver lines around Jessica's travel photographs, that serve as both informal frames for the artwork and give the impression of a glimpse outdoors. See some "before" photographs of the space on Jessica Ricci's blog and visit her website,, to see more of her work.

Click here to view the feature.

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