Friday, September 10, 2010

DIY – How to Make a Hanging Flower Pomander

I saw these flowers at the Art and Antique Fair at the Palm Beach Convention Center. I kept it in my photo files to recreate at a later date. I love the bright colors and the use of a single flower type. These can be made with any flower, not just roses, and you can also hang them. Below are directions to create your own flower pomanders for a special occasion.

Things You'll Need:

  • Flowers (daisies, carnations, roses, etc.)
  • Oasis floral foam spheres
  • Chicken wire
  • 20-Gauge wire
  • Wire cutters
  • Scissors
  • Water
  • Large Bowl
  • Ribbon (grosgrain, satin or ribbon of your choice- just ensure it's strong enough to support the ball)
1) Purchase floral foam balls in the size of your choice (available at any floral supply store or online), flowers (sturdy flowers so they don't get crushed) and wire.

2) To prepare the ball for hanging, wrap the chicken wire around the diameter of the ball, then criss-cross it to divide the ball into quarters. Twist the ends of the wire into a small loop (you'll slip the ribbon through this loop later to hang the ball). If you would prefer to use the balls as centerpieces or as a non-hanging display, skip this step.

3) Soak the foam in water.

4) Trim the stems of the flowers at an angle, leaving an inch or so beneath the head.

5) Insert flowers. If the stems of your chosen flowers are strong enough, you can insert them into the ball as is. If you have trouble with this, use the 20-gauge wire to assist in the insertion. Cut it into 4-inch pieces, fold them in half and insert both ends through the blossoms. Then, insert the wired flowers into the balls. Start by inserting flowers in a straight line, creating a ring around the ball. Then cover each half of the ball with flowers, overlapping the petals slightly and making sure to fill in all gaps.

6) Slip ribbon through the loop you created at the top of the ball. You an tie a pretty bow, or if you prefer a cleaner look, tie the ends of the ribbon into a strong knot and use the wire to tuck the ribbon into the top of the ball and out of sight.

7) Alternatives: You can choose to use silk flowers instead. If you do go this route, you can use styrofoam balls and skip the soaking. You can also use hot glue to help secure the fake flowers.

Tips from ehow.

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