Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hand-painted totes by Francesca Joy Palm Beach

When artist/designer Elise Francesca Fargnoli first began painting, she always had fashion in mind: Would this design look good on a dress, a bikini, shorts, or a skirt? Or even a pillow? Table linens? There was something about every design, color, and every pattern that was developed- it was meant for fashion, but more significantly, meant to be shared and worn. Much like the canvas Elise paints on, the canvas tote bag seemed meant to be painted on. The idea came from a friend who was bored with her plain tote bags, which she, like many others for years, has used for everything from groceries to beach accessories. Fans of Elise's paintings wanted more than just art work in their homes and on their walls - they wanted to wear it.

Elise liked the idea of painting on the bag - as a tote bag is meant to be taken everywhere, and used well for years on end. Though the design is delicate and hand-painted with special textile paint, the bag isn't meant to be treated like that - it is meant to follow the excitement and the changing patterns of your own life. So, Francesca Joy was born - with offices in the heart of Palm Beach, Florida, and the rural, green hills of Pomfret, Connecticut. Elise founded the company in January of 2010 with Carolyn Roy, (Carolyn Roy Interiors) an interior designer from Palm Beach. Roy's work has been noted in Elle Decor, Architectural Digest, and House and Garden. She, too, loved everything - color, design, and couture. They felt joining forces would bring a new twist to the design, fashion, and art world. Besides being a lifestyle collection, FJ is also has a home decor line. This company is owned by Elise Francesca Fargnoli, Rhonda Fargnoli, Alexandra R. Picerne, and Carolyn Roy. FJ is proud to say all items are made in the USA.

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