Monday, November 15, 2010

Letters To My Younger Self® Party with the LTMYS Party Kit

One of my favorite authors, Ellyn Spragins, recently released this amazing party concept based on her books, What I Know Now About Success and What I Know Now.

Attention, book clubs, college reunion organizers, baby shower hosts, birthday party givers, wedding fete arrangers and women who love their friends! A Letters To My Younger Self® Party is a perfect way to reflect upon life’s most important lessons while enriching your relationships with old and new friends.

With the LTMYS Party Kit, you’ll lead ten guests through the process of writing letters to their younger selves and sharing the letters with each other. We promise you great conversations, laughter and a deeper connection. What you know now…pass it on!

Each kit contains:

1 copy of What I Know Now About Success or What I Know Now (NYTimes best seller)
10 invitations to a Letters To My Younger Self® Party, with envelopes
10 Party Theme inserts for the invitations
1 Instruction booklet for the Letters To My Younger Self® Host
10 Writing Tip Sheets for your guests
1 Set of Letters To My Younger Self® writing papers

"I didn't know what to expect, but "WOW" did I leave liberated, refreshed, and with a new mindset. My letter is going to be framed to mark the occasion."

"This is a wonderful gift of healing, of affirmation, of applause that women can give to themselves and to others."

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