Sunday, November 21, 2010

Personalized Cappuccino Stencils from Cooking with Paula Deen Magazine

I came across this great idea in “Cooking with Paula Deen” Magazine to give a cappuccino fan or if you love to host.


- Photocopies of favorite image or monogram letter

- Plastic recyclable take out beverage lids, large enough to fit over a coffee cup

- craft knife

- hole punch and ribbon – if giving it as a gift

1. Photocopy an image.

2. Place the photocopy on the underside of each lid and draw the outside of the object on the front side of the lid with a pencil.

3. Being very careful, use a sharp craft knife to cut out each object following the pencil lines.

4. Punch two holes on the top of the lid and tie a ribbon though, if you plan to give as a gift.

To use: After pouring frothed milk into cappuccino, hold the stencil over the cup (being as close to the foam as you can without touching it), and shake cocoa powder or ground cinnamon over it. Remove stencil, and serve.

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